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Posts published in March 2008

Raw Luck in Colorado organized by Cetana

Namaskar everyone,
Boulder Prout Unit and the Boulder Raw Group are holding a Raw Luck on April 5th (Sat.)
We warmly wellcome everyone to come and meet new people.
Bring a raw dish and you are set to go~
There will be an introduction to meditation, kiirtan and yoga class before the dinner.
We invite new and old people to this energizing and relaxing session.
Please see the schedule, and location details followed.
5:30- 6:20 Meditation/Kiirtan/Yoga
6:30 Dinner
8:45 Finish
Location: University of Colorado, Community Room, 1855 Athens Street, Boulder


By Doug Larson

Utility is when you have one telephone,
luxury is when you have two,
opulence is when you have three
---- and paradise is when you have none.

Collective Welfare

By P.R. Sakar
When university graduates make use of their degrees to earn their livelihood, they tend to forget that physically- strong but illiterate people are making a similar use of such assets they have, that is, their capacity for manual labor. These educated people deprive so-called illiterates of their rights, human dignity and self-respect, and thereby develop a sense of superiority.

Proutistic Solution for Present Economic Crisis

Economic crisis and proutistic solution
by Rishi Teckchandani M.B.A UCLA
Here is my continuation to last weeks article.
In my earlier discussion I explained a current crisis unfolding. I also mentioned that PROUT will be the solution but I do not see PROUT coming into activity until the current capitalistic solutions are not fully utilised.

Dr. Ravi Batra’s Radio Interview by Thom Hartmann on Friday 3/7/08

Listen Air America Radio Interview of Dr. Ravi Batra, Sothern Methodist University (SMU) Dallas professor by Thom Hartmann. See the letter below:
My next show on air America is at 12 noon, central time, Friday, as you can see below.
Hi Dr. Batra...
I just received your e-mail. I hope it won't be too inconvenient if we reschedule you for this Friday? With yesterday's primaries, and their outcomes, we have decided to go in that direction today and allow our listeners to vent about what happened. Would you be available at 1pm Eastern (noon Central) on Friday 3/7?