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Dharma Maha Sammelan, Jamalpur, March 15th, 16th March 2008, A coverage

Dharma Maha Sammelan(DMS) of Ananda Marga Pracaraka samgha was held at Jamalpur, Bihar, India (in the holy birth place of Shii Shrii Ananda Murtiji) on 15th and 16th March 2008.

Dharma Maha Sammelan(DMS) of Ananda Marga Pracaraka samgha was held at Jamalpur, Bihar, India (in the holy birth place of Shii Shrii Ananda Murtiji) on 15th and 16th March 2008.

The Purodha Pramukh and President of Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha, Acarya Shradhhaanada Avt arrived Jamalpur on14th March 2008 at 2 AM early morning, along with Central team to grace the occasion of DMS. Hundreds of Margiis dedicated workers dadas and didis welcomed him at with all grandeur that is Garand of honour Tandava and Kausikii. This could not have been possible without the cooperation of railway officers and staff. Public relations dept of AMPS central expresses thanks in deep gratitude.

14th March was revered Purodha Pramukh rest day and for the organization the day of preparation for the well organized DMS. Monghyr commissionery media people were invited and briefed of two days DMS schedules.

Thanks to principal Jiila school Munghyr who extended all cooperation for DMS place in the campus of school. Inside and out side the campus extended the demonstration of the Ananda Marga activities, Publication Stall, Dhrma Pracar Stall, herbal medicine stall, Health care stall, reception and security etc

Formally DMS started in the morning of 15th at 11 o’clock when revered Purodha Pramukh arrived on DMS stage, after receiving ceremonial Tandava, Kausiiki and singing melodious and devotional Parbhat samgiita. His Private Secretary addressed the gathering on behalf of Rev Purodha Pramukh after seeking his permission.

Large gathering of thousands of Margii brothers and sisters from all over Delhi Sector and selected Margiis from Hong Kong, Manila, New York, GT, Berlin and Quahira sectors thronged in to spacious DMS Pandal inside Jiila School compound of Monghyr.

Devotees enjoyed the Akhand Kiirtan of 36 hrs organized by Hari Pari Mandal Gosthii in Kiirtan Mandap, which was concluded on 16th March 2008 at 3 PM.

Prabhat Samgiita sung in Pandal in different languages specially in Aungiika, touched the heart and thrilled every devotees.

Kiirtana sung by Acarya Nabhatiitanandaji in the pandal deeply touched the heart of the all devotees and also the public. Loud speaker was set I the city which inspires the of general local mass.

A two KM long procession starting from Pandal gate paraded Munghyr town ship and culminated at Polo ground Monghyr at RU meeting spot. Thousands of Margii shouted the slogans and media people also followed the march. The topic of the RU meeting was “in search of a comprehensive philosophy of Life”. A meeting of Renaissance Universal was organized by the local RU committee presided by Shri Pradyumna Narayan singh. DIG police Monghyr was the chief guest and Ac Nabhatiitananda Avt chief speaker who touches the subjective and objective portion of the subject as well Jaiprakash bhai was also present on the dais. Vote of thanks was proposed by the Shri Aniruddha Prasad Singh the club secy.

Total 12 newly married (RM) couple got blessings from rev Purodha Pramukh dada on 16th March, 2008 during evening darshan.

After the Parvachan all the Margiis were thrilled with the blessing of Varabhaya Mudra which was shown through projector in the Pandal from the dais.

Every one felt Lord’s physical presence and his Ahaituki Krpa.

All leading news papers almost everyday covered the news of DMS widely.
Electronic media also relayed the programme of DMS.

The success of entire programme depends on the media coverage, who left no stone unturned to cover every details of the programme continuously for two days.

Public Relations dept of AMPS expresses thanks in deep gratitude to media persons specially the Hindustan, Dainik Jagaran and Prabhat Khabar

We have all the great feeeing for DIG monghyr range police Kotwal monghyr, ladies police and DYSP Jamalpur without their cooperation smooth programme of such longitude can never be possible.

Ac Svarupananda Avt, Private secy of Purodha Pramukh dada addressed the gathering on behalf of rev Purodha Pramukh dada:

First very day on 15th March 2008, in morning he graced with his Parvacan on “Human life and its dignity”,

In Evening he spoke on “Spirituality and Morality”.

2nd day on 16th march 2008 in morning he spoke on Brahma Sadhana and service to humanity”

In Evening his subject of discourse was “Sadguru and devotion”.

Leading newspapers covered the news under such headings:-

“Many Central workers of Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha reached at Jagrty Bhavan

“City filled with saffron”

“Preparation of two days DMS is completed”

“Dharma Maha Sammelan in Monghyr from today”

‘Samadhii is not suicide but Self expansion”

“Conscious mind controlled by Ajina cakra”

“Limitless desire of short life human beings is cause of pain”

“City is flooded with saffron dresses of the Ananda Margiis”

“Ananda Marga is giving massage to the humanity”

“The Karmabhumi of Anandamurti is being neglected by the gove3rnment”

“Mahasambhuti plays the role of GURU”

“Anandamarga propagating the Spirituality”

“Manava dharma is to achieve the infinite entity”

“Khirkhiriya mountain of Jamalapur, witnesses the Sadhana place of Ananda Murtiji”

“Ananda Marga is a Movement”

Ananda Margiis performed Sadhana on the tiger grave”

“One human society”

“Jamalapur witnesses one more History”

“The aim of Ananda Marga, Atma Moksartham Jagat Hitayaca”.

Acarya Rudrananda Avadhuta
Public Relations Department (Central)
Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha

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