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Posts published in August 2007

News published in Hindu

Global financial crisis: ‘A lot more is yet to come’

D. Murali and Goutam Ghosh

Chennai, Aug. 17: The current liquidity crisis that central bankers around the world are battling with is “just the tip of the vast American mortgage iceberg, and is likely to simmer in the coming months,” says Dr Ravi Batra, Head, Department of Economics, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, US.

Short article on PU’s Sectorial Seminar by Tattvika Dhruva

A number of senior and junior Proutists, including
myself, attended the recent Proutist Universal Sectorial
Seminar, Aug 10, 11 and 12, in Pennsylvania, USA. The
setting was the Master Unit of Ananda Vratii. Not only
was the location beautiful, naturally uplifting and
hospitable but the event was a great launch for the next
round of local seminars around the sector for remaining
2007. The group of participants was small, roughly a
dozen, split between adult and youth members. Rainjana,
the youngest present, spent more than a day to get to

Good News from Hongkong Sector

Baba Nam Kevalam
Namaskar to all
Hope you are well by His grace.
Our retreat in Far East Russia in New MU yesteraday finished.

Yoga for Kids

Namaska'r Everyone,
With the great pleasure we would like to announce
that Ananda Marga Dallas Unit is conducting Free
Yoga class for Kids for the first time. FunAsia is
sponsoring the event. Please feel free to pass
attached flier to your friends and family
We request all Margis to join little early with
their kids to encourage the first timers to
support the event.
In Him,

[berlin-news] Good News Summary of Sectorial Summer Conference 2007

Dear Brothers/Sisters, Namaskar !
Ananda Marga Sectorial Summer Conference 2007 in Madhu Karuna, Germany
Over 450 including WT's participated in the historic sectorial summer
conference this year. Margiis came from almost every region of Berlin Sector.
Ac. Nigamananda Avt was the Central representative and ensured that over
all conference was smooth, joyful and successful. Ac Nigmananda Avt was
introduced as Central Representative of General Secretary, Ac Dhruvananda
Avt, who garlanded BABA's Pratikriti.
The highlights of this years' program were: vibrating Akhanda Kiirtans for

Chapel Hill Integrative Medicine Welcomes Steven Landau, M.D.


CHAPEL, HILL, N.C. – Chapel Hill Integrative Medicine Associates (CHIMA) announces the expansion of its family medicine practice with the addition of Dr. Steven Landau. Dr. Landau will join CHIMA’s team of healthcare professionals that includes experts in family medicine, women’s health, acupuncture, nutrition, and massage therapy.

Sectoral PROUT Conference in New York Sector


Here is the flyer in text form below. It is on the web at ny. PDF can be viewed and downloaded from there too.

Let's continue to get it done.

Ba'ba' Na'm Kevalam,

UPCOMING SEMINAR -- August 10-12, 2007
Implementing PROUT ... Locally and Beyond
Seminar -- the time and place to plant seeds
-- Taking PROUT from theory to practice, with love and a spiritual base
-- Local economy and local movements
-- Cooperatives, issue based actions, community building and networking

Global PROUT convention in Taiwan

Dear brothers and sisters, Namaskar.
It gives me immense pleasure to invite you and all the Proutists to attend the PU global convention going to be held at Yu- Ching ( Ananda Surucii ), Taiwan from 22nd Sept, to 24th Sept. 2007.
Please inform and encourage maximum brothers and sisters to attend the convention.
For details contact the local organizers.
Ac. Rasabuddhananda Avt. ( CS PU HK )

Phone. 00886 2 23021167
Also you can contact PU global office Copenhagen
Ac. Udayananda Avt. ( office Secy. )

0045 33241244

Brotherly Yours.