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Posts published in June 2007

Malta News

A journey of discovery of oneself and the world
by Marie Benoît

DIDI RASAMAYII of Ananda Marga talks to Marie Benoît about her way of looking at the world, the Centru Tbexbix in Cospicua, and within it the Sunrise English Club for children which starts on 2 July and needs volunteers.

Regionalism, Universalism, and Samaj Movement

Ac siddhayogananda Avt

(based on the concept of PROUT philosophy)

Human society is movement in unison of those person who have decided to bridge the gap between the first expression of moralism and the establishment of cosmic fraternity . the feeling of cosmic fraternity can only develop when there is an effort to foster cosmic sentiment. Without morality as the base of human society, cosmic sentiment or cosmic fraternity is impossibility.

Dada Nigamanandaji’s visit to Boston

Dada Nigamananda visited Boston from June 7th to June 9th. Dc was held on Thursday evening at Westborough. Kiirtan was full of Vibrations. Dada told Baba's stories and his experience with Baba.

Timir and his family came to Chelmsford on Friday evening. After collective dinner, Dada told some more stories of Baba and emphasized on everyday Meditation and Asanas.
Saturday morning started with Panchjanya. Balakrishna could make it on time @5:00 AM after 1 hour drive to Chelmsford. Margiis had discussion about various topics with Dada Nigamananda, followed by breakfast.

Pracar work in Miami and Puerto Rico

Prachar in Miami from May 30, 2007 to June 14, 2007

Dada Shubhacetananda visited Miami 2nd time and had a lecture and meditation on May 30th at FIU wellness center with attendance of 15 people. Dada also taught asanas and introduction to Baba Nam Kevalam meditation to students and faculty members. He also explained the importance of yoga asanas and meditation. Bonnie, the yoga teacher, invited Dada for this lecture and taught the class.

PROUT good news from the Globe

Dear brothers and sisters-namaskar
followings are a few prout good news received from different sectors.plesae do send your work done reprt and good news regularly


* A UPSF PROUT convention held on 27th January in which more than two hundred students participated in SAGAR, DIST. : SHIMOGA, KARNATAKA. Ac. Amritaksharananda Avt., PLO, Karnataka spoke on “PROUT IS ONLY WAY OUT TO PRESENT DAY CRISIS.” A day long discussion held on different aspects of PROUT to solve Socio-Economic problems.Outcome of the convention is as follows :

Good News by Proutist

Good News submitted by Mayatiita
Dada Shubhacetananda has done successful pracar in Detroit, Cleveland, Bridgeport, and Washington, D.C. A new Prout unit has been established in Boston. More pracar is planned in Chicago, Minneapolis, and Puerto Rico. Dada has worked with Dada Advaeyananda to address student leaders and to prepare a Prout retreat in Dallas for May 12. Dada Advaeyananda has been teaching classes, working on finances, and assisting Ravi Batra with his book. Mayatiita is continuing to teach yoga classes at the