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Posts published in July 2007

Good News from India

Seminar of 2nd phase 2007 is complite with great zeal and inspiration. Maximum Margiis and workers sincerely made their all round effort to make it success. Hence, it is a part of sixteen points, it is our morale duty to organize and utilize this gift of beloved Baba for the upliftment of the human society. The one who knows its spirit and importance are the true devotee of Baba. In any case, we must not miss the opportunity to attend and take benefit from the seminars. I specially thank the trainers and organizers of the Seminars.


What is the duty of teachers? What is the duty of students? In the Vedic language, “shiksa” means “to make others understand”. You know something but you may or may not be in a position to make others understand what you know. The psychological interpretation is to assimilate objectivity by internal subjectivisation. Now, suppose there is a dialogue between a teacher and a student.
Student: “Sir, what is the meaning of nationality?”

SOME EDUCATIONAL POLICIES by Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar

According to PROUT, the aim of education is:
Sa? vidya? ya? vimuktaye
“Education is that which liberates.”
The real meaning of education is trilateral development – simultaneous development in the physical, mental and spiritual realms of human existence. This development should enhance the integration of the human personality. By this, dormant human potentialities will be awakened and put to proper use. Educated are those who have learnt much, remembered much and made use of their learning in practical life.