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PROUT (the PROgressive Utilization Theory) is a developed socio-economic paradigm proposed by the Indian philosopher Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar in 1959. It is a positive alternative to the excessive material inequalities of capitalism and the forced artificial equality of communism.

The goal of economic activity is seen as the liberation of human energy from mundane problems and survival concerns, and its expansion into cultural, intellectual, artistic and spiritual pursuits.

PROUT advocates that the economy should be founded on Neo-humanist ethics, which honor the existential value of all life. Neo-humanism respects the rights of not just human, but also animals, plants and all Creation. Unfortunately in the world different negative and divisive sentiments such as nationalism, religious fundamentalism, racism, sexism, social classism, are used to manipulate people through psycho-economic exploitation, causing intense suffering. Neo-humanism directly confronts this by promoting a universal sentiment for all beings.

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