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Posts published in February 2009


Sadvipras are those whose all efforts are directed towards the attainment of Bliss. They are strong in morality and always ready to wage war against immoral activities. Those who strictly adhere to the principles of morality, are ensconced in sacrificing service (Tapah) and are ready to wage war against immoralists are sadviprs. Only those sadvipras are safe from destruction and extinction who can work for the welfare of the human society. Therefore, it becomes the prime duty of everyone to make themselves and others sadvipras (“The Future of Civilization” Cosmic Socitey, 1967)

Vegetarian dinner at Brookhaven college, Dallas, TX

BHC Thu 2/19/09 23:10
On behalf of the Brookhaven Yoga Club, I'd like to invite you to the Club's Spring Vegetarian Dinner Party.
Day: Wednesday, February 25, 2009.
Time: 4:00 to 5:00 pm (Please be on time - the room must be vacated at around 5:00 pm for a regular class)
Location: S220 Dining room (inside the Brookhaven cafeteria)
Type of food: Vegetarian food (Asian Indian, Chinese etc.)

University of People- Free education for All

University of the People

Our vision
The University of the People promises to open the gates of higher education to anyone in the world interested in attending college. We believe that education at a very minimal cost is a basic right for all suitable applicants, not just for a privileged few.

UN earth summit video