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Posts published in October 2007

Yoga and Prout Seminar in Miami

Miami good news
October 9, 2007 Dada Shubhacetananda gave lecture at FIU yoga class, where he
Introduced Baba Nam Kevalam meditation. It was attended by 15 people, including students and staff members.
October 10, 2007
Dada taught meditation at North Miami Library, were yoga students were introduced to meditation and asanas using universal mantra. Prout philosophy was introduced to the students. 15 people attended the class.
October 11, 2007
Dada inspired people at FIU where yoga students learned about meditation and
October 13, 2007

Women’s Proutist Retreat at Ananda Vrati

Women’s Retreat at Ananda Vratii,
Quest Center, Hop Bottom, PA
April 25th, 26th and 27th, 2008

“Let women be the vanguard of a new revolution which humanity must achieve for a glorious tomorrow”
Prabhat Ranjan Sarker, the founder of PROUT,
Progressive Utilization Theory

Enjoy uplifting company in an all women environment. All Margii sisters are welcome to attend. Workshops include:

Women’s Health with Asiima
Our Yoga Practice with Kalpana
Women’s Spirituality with Tattvika' Devanishta

Proutists Partcipated in green festival

Our Proutist Raghava had reserved a booth for Food for All, where we had Ananda Marga books, Prout Journal, Prout Retreat flyers, Amurt magazines, and Meditation today. Thousands of people visited our booth. Tattvika Dhruva, Deviika, Ujjwala, Krnatma, Rudrani, Dada Shubhacetanananda, and Dada Vishvarupananda were helping people at the booth. Many people signed up for Prout retreat, Yoga Class, and Prout Study Circle. We met with several margiis who had lost contact with us. One Farmer who used to donate food to us also offered to continue his help to our organization.

PROUT Workshop in Denver, Colorado

Suprabhat, Nikhil Kumar, and Dada Shubhacetanananda presented PROUT to the public in Denver. Suprabhat explained Cooperative, Nikhil talked about the five fundamental principles of PROUT, and Dada Shubhacetanananda presented PROUT in North America and all around the world. Giita, Cetana, Anandi, Nandini, Jyotiisvarii helped to set up booth in the Renaissance festival. PROUT books were sold during the festival. They distributed flyers of PROUT, yoga class, and Meditation retreat. They explained about prout to the public.