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PROUT Global Convention in Taiwan

Global PROUT Convention 2007, Taiwan , Hong Kong Sector
Held on 22nd September to 24th September 2007

Global PROUT Convention 2007, Taiwan , Hong Kong Sector
Held on 22nd September to 24th September 2007

In beautiful Ananda Surucii Master Unit in southern Taiwan, nearly 250 participants gathered for three days. Representatives came from South Korea, Russia, Japan, Maharlika (Philippines) and Denmark. Overall coordinator was Dada Rasabuddha’nanda CSPU HK Sector, Dada Dyutimaya S-UPSF,Dada Rudranathananda S-UPFF, and with the Co-operation and Co-ordination of all Dadas and Didis and Margiis of Hong Kong Sector Convention was successfully done. , the conference was organized by Tai Chong ?? Margiis in cooperation with margiis in Yu Ching.

Following minutes were resolved in Global PROUT Convention 2007 in Taiwan are:
1. Make Taiwan self-sufficient in sustainable energy.
2. Transform agriculture to be organic, for local consumption.
3. Balance economy by promoting agricultural and industrial cooperatives
4. Set ceiling on salaries, land ownership and wealth
5. Fight pseudo-culture and materialism
6. Propagate PROUT to everyone through lectures, media, books, Internet,
7. Create PROUT Research Institute of Taiwan

The cultural show on Saturday night was stunning, and included among others Taiwanese aboriginal songs, instrument solos on piano and violin and traditional Chinese dance. Prizes for the most interesting performances were awarded to: sisters from Gaoxiong ?? who performed a comedy in Taiwanese language wearing traditional costumes, improvised sword dance accompanied by piano and children performing traditional Tai dance.

On Sunday morning our Global PROUT Convention’s chief guest and SG’PU Dada Siddhayoga’nanda gave a class on the “SPIRITUALITY AND PROUT”.
In the afternoon, Dada Maheshvarananda led a workshop about cooperative games. He explained that he has found these dynamic exercises to be very helpful in training cooperative workers.

The most excitement was generated by the small group discussions on Monday morning. Participants divided into six interest groups: Farmers Federation, Students Federation, Intellectual Federation, Labor Federation, Youth Federation and an international support group. The participants discussed the problems facing their federation and gave ideas of solutions based on PROUT. This was the first time in Taiwan that so many spiritual aspirants became motivated to work together to implement the Progressive Utilization Theory.


(UPIF discussing the local based issues)

[other things to write about in the report: kiirtan, Baba video, Sat.
workshops, Dada Rasabuddhanandajii’s name as oveall organizer, perhaps
Dada SS’s cooperation, resolutions from the workshops..]

CO-OPERATIVE GAMES by Dada Maheshvaranandajii and assisted by Jiivandev.

SG’PU Dada Siddhayoganandajii gave class on “Spirituality and Prout”

Class on Prout

Collective meal during Global Prout Convention 2007 in Taiwan

There were special program for Children during the convention.

Naming Ceremony during Sectorial conference and Global Prout Convention 2007

Class on PROUT by Dada Maheshvaranandaji

Kaosikii Competition

Tandava competition

Rawa program

RAWA program by Kaosiung Unit
Rawa program by Taipei Unit

Piano by

?? 189.jpg
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Children’s program

Children’s program

Revolutionary marriage during Convention

Prize distribution

Group photo of Convention


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