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Posts published in February 2008

Seminar News

News of 1st and second date of Seminar programme was already circulated to you. Here we are sending you the rest of the news we were able to collect in the recent RDS along with News paper cuttings.
Attandence in the Seminar used to be more, here we are giving only recorded one.
Three hrs kiirtan,
Nagar Kiirtan,
Narayan seva,
Tattva sabha
was held in most of the places.

Jaipur region 1st, 2nd ,3rd Feb 2008
RU meeting was addressed by Ac Citsvarupananda Avt
More than 150 people participated the programme.

The Radio Interview Schedule of Dr. Susmit Kumar

Please check website for the Radio interview Sceduale:

Tonight there is one hour long interview at 11:00 PM ET which will be simultaneously broadcasted on internet also:

It will be my FIRST MEDIA interview - also it will be 60 minutes - most probably I will have to give answer to callers' questions also.


Why American Troops Won’t Affect the Outcome in Iraq

Available for Immediate Interview
Contact: Dr. Susmit Kumar 513-754-0547

Why American Troops Won’t Affect the Outcome in Iraq
Middle East Expert Details the Final Outcome of Islamic Militancy

Discussion Topic

Boulder PROUT Study Session

Namaskar everyone,
We would like to invite you to join our spiritual practice session followed by our inspirational study group on PROUT. The PROUT Study Group meets on every Friday, in Naropa University Paramita campus, 3295 30ths, Room: Karuna

If you have any further questions, please contact Chien at 720-218-5828.

Boulder PROUT Session Schedule

6:15 Arrive

6:20 ¡V 6:40 Prabhat Samgiita

6:40 ¡V 7:00 Kiirtan

7:00 ¡V 7:20 Meditation

7:20 ¡V 7:40 Book reading & Sharing

7:40 ¡V 8:20 Dinner

8:20 ¡V 9:20 Study group