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Good News from Haiti


1. After Dharmacakra in 01/02 we established a P.U. provisory committee with 3 margiis: (i) secretary of Nandaniika; (ii) secretary for Students Federation; (iii) secretary for PU Legal Status in Haiti. This team will start to meet from tomorrow to establish regular and specific weekly meetings to get training and train the margiis in PROUT and prepare programs for the public, at universities and to prepare for the legal registration of PU in Haiti. Some legal advisors will be coming as well from USA as volunteers and they can guide us with the legal matters; 2. In the first week of January there was a PROUT introductory class with 10 margiis organized by our currently designated UPSF secretary. He has been running a weekly PROUT study group with the general public in different schools and institutions in the capital of Haiti and other cities as well. He said he is ready to upgrade the groups to more advanced training and invited me to guide and train them.

ABOUT AMURT (as it relates to PROUT):
1. The SALT Cooperative project is progressing at the NW of the country and more technical advisors have joined the team to establish a strong foundation for the beginning of the salt harvest and consequent marketing, administration, cooperative training, etc. 2. Brother Mahesh and sister Dharmapriya have given the first training on Microfinance and Business Entrepreneurship to 35 members of the committee of AEPA (Association of Popular Educators of Anse Rouge), the local district-wise association which we trained and helped to found and which now co-manages some of our projects in the villages of the NW of the province of Artibonite. They will be given this training monthly so that this certified group can give the same training to the network of about 1,000 local leaders which they have organized in groups of youth, women and adults throughout 45 villages. More news will be coming soon. This week will be busy with meetings and preparations for this PROUT year. Tomorrow we will discuss about the Master Unit, the Conference in September and other important issues. I will be staying at the school in Port-au-Prince for probably a month until I return to the NW of the country and follow up on the initiates there. At the same time, there are more people asking for initiation here and we will start the pracar in universities and at radios and TV’s.

In Him,

Ac. Pranesha Brc.

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