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The Cookie Crumbles



What happens when Capitalism crashes? What comes next? Read on to find a fascinating solution to a worldwide problem. The problem is that people all over the world are suffering because the wealth is not distributed evenly, causing a lot of poverty. Corporations all over the US are sucking money out of the local economy and using slave labor from other countries. For that reason, many people in the US are out of jobs. Oil is running out and in order to survive that crisis local sustainability must be established. The next step is PROUT, Progressive Utilization Theory. PROUT is a “socio-economic philosophy that synthesizes the physical, mental and spiritual dimensions of human society”. A PROUT economy is needed so the wealth in the world will be divided more evenly, there will not be any more corporations, and people will be able to live sufficiently with what is produced in the local area.

The goal of PROUT is to establish a truly progressive human society in which everyone can have their basic necessities, and to provide an alternative to the outmoded Capitalist and Communist societies. Neither of these approaches has adequately met the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of human society. Seeking a balance between economic growth, social development, environmental sustainability, and between individual and collective interests, PROUTists are working to make a better world for the next generation.

Now why do all these things matter? These days some people have too much money, while others hardly have enough food to eat. The wealth of the world’s 200 richest people more than doubled in the last four years to over one trillion dollars total. That is more than half the population of the world’s income. The five basic necessities should be guaranteed to all. They are food, shelter, clothing, education, and health care. As the economy’s productive capacity grows stronger, the standard of minimum necessities will increase. Through PROUT, people will be ensured these basic necessities. How? Because PROUT is run mainly by cooperatives. The key industries are run by the government, the main stores are cooperatives, and any one can have their own business, family or individually owned. This way the money will stay in the local area and will be distributed more evenly. Some people will get paid more than others depending on the job they have but the economy will support everyone and there won’t be such a big gap in the distribution of the wealth.

Why should we get rid of corporations if we are getting all we need at low prices from them? Because of corporations, men and women all over the world are being exploited knowingly and unknowingly. Corporations like Wal-Mart and Coca Cola are using child labor in China and other Asian countries and paying them a few cents an hour. Here in the US people working for Wal-Mart or McDonalds or other corporations are paid minimum wage and don’t get very good working conditions. The people that buy from corporations are not getting their money’s worth because corporations only think for profit. They don’t care for the customer’s welfare. They buy the cheapest things possible, even if it is not good quality or good for ones health.

Coca Cola, the largest producer of soft drinks in the world spends billions of dollars for advertising. Coke is clearly unhealthy, containing tons of sugar, caffeine and phosphoric acid. Coca Cola has convinced most of the population that it quenches thirst better than water and makes one happy. This obviously is not true. Coke is one of the major causes for illnesses and bad behavior. It is addicting and hard to stop drinking. It makes one happy while one is drinking it and then sad until one has it again. During this process, health is being destroyed. In this way, Coca Cola only thinks for profit and not for the benefit of the people.

Corporations have given jobs. However, how many jobs have they taken away? They destroy almost all the small businesses in the area because they have so many locations they can buy in big quantities for lower prices. They also use slave labor from other countries to make stuff at cheap prices. People who do that kind of work in the US don’t get hired because they require higher pay. If they work for less they won’t be able to make a living. Then corporations hire many young people at minimum wage. There is no way other businesses can compete with prices, so people choose corporations because they are not educated on how corporations destroy the economy. An American business man said this about corporations, “I’m a business man. I believe in free enterprise. But this is destroying our society. Somehow they have to be stopped”.

Corporations make trillions of dollars every year and all this money gets sent far from the affected area to stockholders in all parts of the country. It does not stay in the community to strengthen it. Corporations are beginning to dominate the world. The more this happens, the more the money will concentrate and the weaker our economies will get.
If PROUT is established there will be no more corporations. The only businesses will be the government owned key industries, the cooperatives, and the individual or family owned small businesses. If corporations continue as the primary business type, eventually the money will be so concentrated that most people will not have money to buy anything anymore. The corporations will not be able to survive and Capitalism will crash. Or there could be a depression. Not because of scarcity, but because people won’t have money to buy what they need. Or there could be a rebellion, the poor against the rich. One of these things will happen before capitalism crashes.

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