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Good News from Hongkong Sector

Baba Nam Kevalam
Namaskar to all
Hope you are well by His grace.
Our retreat in Far East Russia in New MU yesteraday finished.

Baba Nam Kevalam
Namaskar to all
Hope you are well by His grace.
Our retreat in Far East Russia in New MU yesteraday finished.
I have arrived Russia on 21st july ,after registration complete in Vladivostok , I with Dada Vijay , Dada Shubacintananda and Didi Manimukta and LFT sister Ananda mayii we went to new MU for organising 7 days retreat .As all of you know that just 1 and half year before we bught this MU , so it was very hard work for first time to organise , Dada Yukteshananda was great help for this retreat who came long before and started to help alone there with only few margiies, We have started to built Meditation hall but due to so many inconvinient we could not complete, some thing we baught but it needed more money to comlplete and more time to do , so we decided hopefully we will do next year.
Thanks to all of you who has given their support beside Meditation hall we constructed 4 toilets , temporary bath room which will be destroy soon. dinning hall for summer retreat. Dada Vijay took full responsblity to cutt all the grasses surround the main building and took care every thing ,Didi Manimukta alos took special care to margii and food. thanks.

Retreat strated 0n 28th July after breakfast and from then , we were every day very busy and all 7 days we had several activities
Classes were given by Margiis brother Sarvajiit and Sisiter Ainjali , it was very much appritiated by participants , and other classes were given by me on Brahmasadbhava, by Didi A Manimukta’ on Mantra Caetanya , By Dada Yukteshananda on Layes of mind and Meditation and Dada Vijay on MU – it was demands from the margii and Dada Rudranathananda jii gave class on Prout and Shubhacintananda jii was taking care most important part of retreat is RAWA and prabhat Samgiita and Kiirtan .

Asana Classes was mostly given by Sister Ainjali and Dada Yukteshananda jii

Akhanda Kiirtana – there were two Akhanda Kiirtan , every margii new and old margiies like it very much.we

RAWA – It was most attaractive programe , there were two different night RAWA, LFT sister Ananda mayii is very creative to creat drama .She organised a drama on Ramayan, which is like by all there, last year she organised drama on Vidya and Aviday , and Lord Krsna and his devotee.and there were many devotional song by Russian margii and Prabhat sanmgiita. I thanks to dada Shubhacintananda jii very much.

Through Sadhana shivir many margii enjoyed sadhana and experirnec Baba.Devotinal night was very inspired and and devotional we all got inspired by sharing of Baba’s story and experieneces . Karma yoga – through karma Yoga we did some work for MU .

MU comitee was formed , Dada Vijay will directly suppervise it with the help from MU sey and SS.
We also took 1 year plan , hope it will materialise in one year with the co operation from every body and Baba’s grace. We had also a meeting with all Unit secy and few selected margii of Ear east AMPS unit margii and oragnisational discussion for review of the unit and development.They certainly felt responsible and comited to do more work

Most importatnt news is that we planted about 100 Pine tree . which is consider in russia very important tree.

In the last day of closing ceremoney every one felt so much of family feeling and devotional feeling ,I was very happy to see that many teen ager margii also participated very seriously all the programe. I found at this time that they are becoming more responsible and devotional. At the end of Closing ceromoey margiies offer all the Acarya one big bottle of Russia Shuddha Honey .

Total margiies came for retreat 69 , 6 Acarya and 2 LFT Sister so Total we were there 77. Acomadation was not eough , hopefully next year we will do better. My sincere thanks to all Ac who took all trouble to come here and made retreat succesful and also to them who could not come but gave their financial support and best wishes.

Dada Vijay or Yuteshanada jii please sent about 10 photos of all the activity .Group photo, tree planting and etc.

My plan is traveling to day to Mongolia by flight half way and then half way bby train by 7th I arrive there, then from there after 8 days will be going to Siberia retreat , traveling will be 4days from Mongolia, from there will be coming to Korea for 5 days and finaly come to Taiwan.

Wish you best wishes and regard.
Take care
In Him
Yours Brotherly
Dada Shubhaniryasananda Avt

I have written in short time , I am sorry if there is any mistake.

Baba Nam Kevalam

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