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From Discource on Prout by Shrii P.R.sarkar

The world is moving very fast, and at every step the necessity of such a group is very strongly felt. Youths form an important part of the so-called politically-educated group, and the student community is a distinguished section of it. Deficiencies in the political structure cause deterioration in the educational system, and thus adversely affect the future of these students. Governments, being the economic force behind the universities, compel the universities to play the pitiable role of “Your most obedient servant”. The sole purpose of forming Proutist organizations is to put a moral check on the immoral practices in our individual and collective lives.
The present-day politicians misguide students for their own selfish ends. Certain sections of students have become puppets in their hands. They have lost their originality, and hence are unable to work as a moral check. You Proutists should work as a non-political group strictly adhering to the principles of Yama and Niyama.
Those who have a correct philosophy and a correct spiritual sa?dhana? based on the principles of Yama and Niyama will be the guiding personalities in the society of tomorrow. It is the duty of conscious people to snatch away the physical power and the intellectual leadership from the hands of political hypocrites. Politicians are of no use to society because they are engaged in the business of mudslinging and nothing else.
If sadvipras [spiritual revolutionaries who follow Yama and Niyama] get active mass support, revolution is bound to come. In case a government adopts the ideals of Prout, the rule of sadvipras will prevail. If the same is not adopted by the government, a physical revolution is sure to come, and ultimately power will be transferred to the sadvipras.
The motive of the politicians is only to capture power. They befool the public with high-sounding words. Therefore it is necessary that the public should be politically educated, because in that case politicians will not be able to cheat them. The time is sure to come when all their cheating tactics will fail to produce any effect, and the public will snatch away their mask of social service. At present the general mass is not politically conscious. The intelligentsia exploit their ignorance. It is the duty of Proutists to challenge this so-called intelligentsia.
There should be a world militia, but the numerical strength of the military is to be gradually reduced. Even after the formation of the world government, intra-unit and inter-unit conflicts will not cease to exist. Therefore the military requirement will remain forever. The creation is the result of fight between Vidya? [introversial force] and Avidya? [extroversial force], hence the military will be an indispensable item for the society.
20 October 1959, Jamalpur